2019 Keynote Speaker

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Dr. Nicole L. Loyd, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Moravian College

Keynote Address: 

Life on our multi-generational college campuses… with special focus on Gen Z

As the landscape of higher education continues to shift in the United States, every institution is paying close attention to attracting, retaining, and graduating students. One of dozens of factors to consider is how generational theory can be used to understand college campuses, our students, and our employees.

This presentation is designed to share important indicators (critical events, cultural factors, personality traits, values, strengths and challenges) about each of the five generations currently in the workplace; and how each generation brings gifts and expectations to our college campuses. We will also discuss Generation Z students and how, as student affairs professionals, we can best support the educational experiences of these young people.

FOLLOW-UP SESSION (During Block 1)

Gen Z - What do they like, want, need, and expect from colleges, employers and life!

Engage in a follow-up discussion with keynote speaker Dr. Nicole Loyd. The session will be an opportunity to continue discussing the central themes from the morning's Keynote Address, including how Generation Z is impacting: the workplace, the national economy, and our behaviors in society.


Dr. Nicole Loyd is the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Moravian College; she found her “home” at Moravian in 2008. Loyd earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education from the University of Virginia and Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Education from Bucknell University. A first-generation college student, Loyd is committed to the student experience and serving marginalized populations. She grounds all of her work in understanding, embracing, and helping to shape campus cultures.

In addition to her responsibilities at Moravian, Loyd serves as a consultant inside and outside of higher education. She has been working with a University in New Jersey for the past 18 months to guide the senior leadership through the creation and implementation of their next Strategic Plan; and is a frequent guest speaker on the topics of generations and emotional intelligence at colleges and universities, corporations, and associations throughout the united states.


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2001                Student Affairs – The Changing Landscape, Joanne Goldwater, Assistant Dean for                                    Residential Life, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and Herman Kissiah, Dean of Students,                          Retired, Lafayette College

2000                The Strategic Learning Cycle – Not a Destination but a Never Ending Journey, Dr.                                    William Klepper, Academic Director and Professor of Executive Education, Columbia                              University, Graduate School of Business      

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1992                Student Affairs in the 90’s:  Searching for the Silver Lining, Dr. Larry Pollock and                                      Thelma J. Greco, The Pennsylvania State University – New Kensington

1991                A Balance of Rights, Gary Pavela, JS, University of Maryland at College Park

1990                A New Decade:  Changing and Rearranging, Dr. Lee Upcraft, Pennsylvania State                                      University

1989                Unity within Diversity:  The Common Ground, Dr. Jacqui Wade, Bennett College

1988                Scruples:  More Than Just a Game, Margaret Barr, Texas Christian University

1987                Orienteering in Student Affairs:  Following Old Paths … Blazing New Trails, William L.                              “Bud” Thomas, Jr., University of Maryland

1986                Futures:  Speculation for Higher Education, Ted Hershberg, University of Pennsylvania

1985                Challenges and Contributions of Higher Education, Judith Eaton, President,                                              Community College of Philadelphia

1984                A Perfect Ten, Howard Crosby, Rutgers University

1983                Management Techniques for Educators, Louis S. Stamatakos, Michigan State                                            University

1982                Student Affairs Professional – Educator, Louis S. Stamatakos, Michigan State University

1981                Students of the 80’s: New Services / New Challenges, Phyllis Mable, Virginia                                              Commonwealth University

1980                Changing and Rearranging:  Not Just Surviving, But Excelling in the 80’s, Allen T.                                      Bonnell, President, Community College of Philadelphia, James H. McCormick,                                          President, Bloomsburg University and G. Dennis O’Brien, President, Bucknell                                            University

1979                Accountability in Student Affairs, Douglas Heath, Haverford College

1978                Prospect:  Student Affairs on Higher Education, Ed Maguire, Commissioner of                                          Education, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

1977                Practical Approaches to Building Commitments for Student Development, Theodore K.                          Miller, University of Georgia

1976                Student Activities – Can College Justify and Afford Them as a Professionally Staffed                                Function Any Longer?, Preston Parr, Lehigh University

1975                Concerns of Student Affairs Professionals